The DESIGNS of SaZu Designs

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The DESIGNS of SaZu Designs
This time we would like to take you through the topic: designs or embroidery patterns.

The designs or embroidery patterns from SaZu Designs are both self-made patterns and purchased patterns.

The aim is to only have self-made designs in the shop, but that takes a lot of time. SaZu Designs does not have its own digitizer and tries to convert the designs into embroidery patterns as much as possible. It currently takes us an average of 2 weeks to create and test an embroidery pattern. If you would like to know more about this, follow SaZu Designs on Facebook or Instagram.

Did you know that, specifically, the romper designs can also be placed on bibs ? This allows you to put together a maternity gift that is not yet online. The designs of the rompers can also be placed on the shirts, but those of the shirts cannot always be placed on a romper. The design must then be made TOO small, which affects the quality of the embroidery.

By changing the designs you can put together your own gift set. What is a gift set? A gift set consists of a handmade baby hat with name, a handmade bib with image and/or name and a matching romper. The bib and hat are ivory, the rompers white. Perhaps in the future the bibs and hats will also be available in white, but that will depend on whether there is a lot of demand for them.

So be sure to contact us if you see a nice design on a romper that you actually wanted to order as a set or if you would prefer a white bib and/or baby hat.

There is also a lot of demand to embroider the image of the birth announcement on the romper and/or bib. In many cases this is certainly possible. To achieve this, an additional amount of €25.00 will be charged. As mentioned, it takes us an average of 2 weeks to realize this. These costs are in addition to the costs of the romper, bib or set. If you are interested in this, please contact us.

This can be done by sending an email to Immediately send a photo of the birth announcement so that we can assess whether the card is suitable for this.

The SaZu Designs designs are not (yet) available in stores. By purchasing a romper, bib or shirt from SaZuDesigns you are assured of purchasing an original item that will not be worn by half of the Netherlands. Unless, of course, everyone comes shopping at SaZu Designs, which we of course welcome.

We hope that you like the designs as much as we do and that we can make you, your children or the expectant parents super happy with a hat , romper, shirt or bib.

How nice is it to receive a maternity gift with name and/or date of birth as new parents? Or dress your child in a super nice shirt with a name and their friends would actually like to have the same shirt. How about a children's birthday in such a nice birthday shirt ? It is great fun for your child to wear a shirt with a nice image of the theme of the party that also states the age. Unique, right?

Designs will also be made for the various holidays. Such as a lion's head or princess crown on King's Day. Or a super nice Sinterklaas or Christmas shirt . Keep an eye on the shop if you are interested in this.

Follow SaZu Designs on Facebook and/or Instagram for more behind-the-scenes looks and the latest designs.

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