Secure payment


The iDeal payment method is available free of charge to everyone in the Netherlands. With this payment method you pay for the order on the spot within the familiar internet environment of your bank. The purchase amount is immediately debited from your bank account and the order is immediately approved.


By choosing a credit card option at check out, you can postpone the payment of your order. When paying for your order, choose the credit card company you are affiliated with. Then follow the steps in the trusted internet environment of the relevant credit card company. Your order will be approved immediately. Paying by credit card is completely free of charge at SaZu Designs.


PayPal is a convenient method to complete orders quickly and free of charge, both at home and abroad. All you need is a valid PayPal account with a linked payment card. Follow the steps in the familiar PayPal environment. The order will be processed immediately after payment.


You can pay for an order safely afterwards via Klarna. This payment method costs €1.95 and is available for customers aged 18 and over. Klarna gives you the option to assess, pay or return the order within 14 days.

You can choose the Klarna option at check out, after which you must enter some information. After entering this data, an authorization check is carried out. Your order will be approved with this check. If your order is approved, you will receive an invoice from Klarna. This contains all payment information.

If you would like more information about Klarna, please visit the Klarna Information page.