A romper is a one-piece shirt and pants that you can use as underwear for your baby.

With a newborn baby you can never have enough rompers. Visitors are also happy to bring a nice and original romper for the little one as a maternity gift. How nice is it to have the romper personalized. Our rompers are embroidered with original designs and provided with the name of the new baby.

We use rompers from the brand "name it" in sizes 50 to 68. You can also have the design embroidered on a shirt if you prefer. They have shirts from size 56.

Did you know that many rompers match the pants and skirts that we make ourselves? Or a bib with the same embroidered image? This means you really have a super original maternity gift.

We are happy to help you find the right romper for the new baby and if we do not have an image you want, we can always see if we can make it for you.