Birth hugs

Birth cuddly toys are really nice maternity gifts to give, but also to receive. Our birth cuddly toys consist of super soft cuddly toys in different sizes. We also have nice soft cuddle cloths in the shape of a panda bear, a frog, a duck or a brown bear.

The little cuddly toys are given a loose shirt with the name and, if desired, the date of birth of the new baby. There are many options, but the space to embroider on the shirt is limited.

With the large birth cuddly toys you can choose between embroidery on the feet or the belly of the cuddly toy. If you choose the cuddly toy with embroidered feet, you can, for example, have the baby's name embroidered on one foot and the date of birth on the other foot. However, space is limited, so if names are too long, the embroidered name will be smaller than if it is a short name. If you choose the cuddly toy with the embroidery on the belly, you have the most space for the baby's birth information, such as name, date of birth, birth weight, birth time and possibly the baby's length.

Truly unique and versatile personalized gifts.