Clothes for the baby

B abies are fun, sweet and adorable! From the first second you hold your baby in your arms, you want to give him or her the best, such as nice clothes.

And with a newborn baby you can never have enough clothes. Visitors also like to bring nice clothes for the little one as a maternity gift. How nice is it to have baby clothes personalized. A nice pair of pants with the new baby's name. We make the pants ourselves in sizes 50 to 68.

In addition to pants with names, we also make shorts and skirts. Nice for the warm summer days.

You can mix and match the pants and skirts and you can complete your maternity gift with a matching embroidered romper with the new baby's name. Of course, instead of a personalized romper, you can give a personalized shirt as a gift with the pants and skirts.

We are happy to help you find the right maternity gift for the baby.