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How nice that you are visiting my site and even more nice that you are interested in reading my very first blog.

In this first blog I would like to take you through how SaZu Designs came about.

My mother made a lot of clothes herself when I was growing up. I liked what she did, but I didn't see myself doing it anytime soon. Way too accurate and it takes a lot of time.

Once in secondary school, I was taught how to use a sewing machine. And as I thought as a child, it was a lot of work. But to my surprise, I had inherited my mother's gene and was actually quite good at it. But as an adolescent you have many other interests than sitting behind a sewing machine in your spare time.

Until I got a permanent job. My interest in making clothes increased and I decided to apprentice with my mother.

Years later, in 2005 to be precise, I decided to trade in my old Singer sewing machine for another one. When I arrived at the store, I was asked whether I wanted to use a sewing machine for pleasure or business. At that time I was of course not yet working on SaZu Designs and it was mainly a hobby. The lady from the store arrived with a second hand Brother Super Galaxy 2000. This was one of the first embroidery-sewing machines in the Netherlands. After seeing what the options were, I decided to trade in.

For years I have embroidered shirts, towels and even judo suits for my son, family and friends. But after a few years the fun disappeared a bit. My son grew older and no longer liked embroidered garments and friends and family also had enough embroidery. The machine did not really work (for me) as a sewing machine, so I decided to trade it in again.

Unfortunately, the machine was now so old and discolored that it was no longer even possible to trade it in. The Brother Super Galaxy 2000 disappeared into the attic and I started making clothes again. But every time I saw the machine in the attic I thought it was a bit of a shame. There had to be more to do with it.... but WHAT?

In 2020, while scrolling, I came across a YouTube video by Angela Jasmina from And there, years later, was my answer to the what. Selling embroidered and personalized children's shirts. My child was now an adult, but the memory of his face when he saw the shirts... I will never forget that.

But only selling children's shirts, no, that will not (yet) sell as well in the Netherlands as in America. And then you start thinking, talking, informing and you come up with maternity gifts and birth cuddly toys. Babies are born, and nice personalized maternity gifts, right? Surely there will be interest in that?

Looked up the Brother Super Galaxy 2000 again. But unfortunately, he himself thought he was ready for retirement. But persistence wins and I got it working again. Also got the very outdated embroidery software with embroidery card holder working again.

Unfortunately, both turned out to no longer be able to meet today's standards and they can now really enjoy their retirement.

To give SaZu Designs the quality that I think it should be able to deliver, I now have the Brother entrepreneur 1050X in the attic. And the attic has now been renamed SaZu Designs.

Starting up in 2020 with COVID-19 is not easy. A lot of people have been made redundant and personalized maternity gifts such as onesies , baby hats or bibs with names are not something you spend your money on. And the nice original children's shirts and birthday shirts for the older brother or sister will not be high on the list of priorities.

But how nice is it to look forward to something fun during this time? And the maternity gifts, birth cuddly toys and children's shirts from SaZu Designs are certainly fun.




Sandra Zuijderwijk

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