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To start up as a new webshop, you face various challenges in 2021.

Most starting web shops use friends, family and acquaintances to get started. Social media is also a good starting point for a starting webshop. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and nowadays TikTok are the go-to social media for new web shops.

But what if you don't have such an extensive circle of friends or family? Or what if you are not so social media focused. In that case you will have to turn to advertising. Besides the fact that advertising is expensive, you are also not guaranteed that the people who visit your webshop will actually purchase something from you.

In today's society we have to deal with a lot of fraud and dropshipping.

Fraud we all know what that means.

With dropshipping, web shops buy the goods for a few euros from Aliexpress or Wish after the customer has purchased them and sell them for big money as an “offer” in the web shop. The products are then brought to attention by creating Facebook advertisements, among other things. However, the products are not shipped and after a few weeks the webshop is closed and people lose their money without receiving the products. Dropshipping is therefore also a form of scam.

Partly due to the many scams of people, it is becoming increasingly difficult for sincere companies to start up and gain brand recognition.

But what can you do as a start-up company to indicate that you are an honest company? That you send the ordered products? And that people will certainly be helped if something is not to their liking?

One of those things is word of mouth advertising. But to get that you first have to have sales.

Another option is reviews. But nowadays people only give reviews if something did NOT go as planned. Asking for reviews is also an option, but that is something SaZuDesigns would rather not do. If people leave a review, that's great, but certainly not an obligation.

Unfortunately, the reach of SaZuDesigns is not yet that large, we prefer not to ask for reviews, we do post on social media, but clearly not enough. We don't do fraud and dropshipping!

To give customers a safer feeling, SaZuDesigns has joined the “webshop quality mark”. We hope you will never need it. We also hope that such an issue never arises that we cannot solve together. We assume that all purchases are completely satisfactory. If this is not the case, and for whatever reason we cannot resolve the issue, you can always contact “webshop quality mark”.

If you have made a purchase from SaZuDesigns, we really hope that you are satisfied and yes, we would greatly appreciate a review on Google, for example, but what you will certainly help us with in these challenging times is word of mouth advertising and recommendations among your friends. and family circle, but above all following and liking the social media pages of SaZuDesigns, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok.

Thank you in advance.

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